Thursday, February 10, 2005

on the way to china

so we are finally out of hawaii. they told us at noon that we have to be ready to leave at
6:30. although it was a hectic few hours packing and what not, Im glad that we were on this
flight. there was this flight that we left on, and then there were flights leaving the 10th
and the 11th. so i will get to spend some time in shanghai before heading to beiging while
some of the others willbe going directly to beiging.
the flight situation is a little annoying however. we flew to san fransicso first, and we
have a 9 hour layover here before we geton our 12 hour flight to shanghai.oh well. itll be
worth it when we get there.
the flight was a lot of fun. i have definately never been on a plane with 170 kids that i
know before. everyone was moving around and having fun. they did a good job of getting
everyone from SAS to the back of the plane so that we didnt disrupt the other passengers. i
was in seat 44G on that flight, and it was a big plane. On the flight to Shanghai, I am in
seat 58G, and my buddy is in 61 something... this plane must be HUGE. and I think that first
class is on the second deck. unbelievable. I have definately never been on a plane this big.
The reason that we had to fly out so quickly and take such a roundabout way of getting there
is because the charter plane company that they were going to use told them at the last
minute that their pilots/stewards did not have Chinese visas. so they ended up blowing 2100
on each of the 700 some-odd students and faculty to get us all there.
once we get there we will be staying in the JC Mandarin which is apperently some really
badass hotel. i will let you all know how it is once i get there. i am really looking foward
to finally getting out of america, as I am sure you are all looking foward to hear what i am
going to do.


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