Monday, January 31, 2005

"shit show" as dubbed by my roommate

what i think is thurs (second time) the 27th at 2:30pm.
well, im not sure what you all have heard on the news, but yesterday was a bit crazy but everyone is ok. about 2 or 3 in the morning (no idea what time that was for yall, we have gained an hour about every night, and lost a day) a huge wave hit the bridge which is where all the navigation takes place. the wave broke through one of the windows and took out lots of electronic equipment up there. they lost communication with the engines and all navigational stuff. so we were basically sitting in the middle of the pacific not knowing where we were or able to move anywhere. the ocean was rough and it was knocking everything/body off of wherever it/they were. my room was probably the most untouched- beds moved around a little and stuff fell off of the desk (but that happens every night). other rooms were bad, and some people are sleeping out in the halls for the time being. mirrors broke, TVs fell down, tables and dressers were ripped out of the wall and broken. craziness.
so, after sleeping through the first couple of announcements telling us it was going to be rough and put your glasses in shoes, etc, i was awoken by the alarm whistle and an annoucement telling me to put on warm clothes, grab your life vest and get into the hallway. after about 20 mins (this is all around 4 or 5 am i think) we had to move to deck 5 where the lifeboats are to make moving to the life boats easier if thats what it came to. this was super annoying because we are in this crowded place and all the girls are freeking out either crying or singing showtunes to calm themselves down. i was trying to find a comforatble place to go back to sleep.
we wait there for hours. probably 3 hours and then they start handing out rolls and water bottles. i get antsy and start walking around and finding other people, asking how they are doing, and what not. one of the life boats gets loose, so i find a crew guy and tell him to fix it, you know... that kinda stuff. i took a bunch of pictures and will get them to you all asap. they finally got connection back with one of the motors (now 2 out of 4 which is all we were using before) but navigation was still out. so the coast guard is out flying by every once in a while leading us to where we need to go. they said that we are going to midway island now do to damages and fuel loss, but rumor has it we are going to honalulu instead cause the port is full or something like that. rumors are going around now, and its hard to know what to believe and what not to, but i figure we are going to lose some time at one or more of our ports, and i bet some of the girls will be leaving us at port cause they are too scared about the boat not holding up. a few crew members we injured (2 broken legs, and 2 broken arms that i know of, im sure more though), i didnt see anything more than light bandages on passengers though. sadly, one of the daughters of a professor (probably 12) needed som stiches, but thats it.
its kind of frustrating because we realize that this boat was built to sail the mediteranian or the caribean or something not as rough as the pacific during winter. this is the first (rumor) time that S@S has every sailed this route this time of year, and this boat was not built for this weather. but at the same time, you cant blame them for weather that was not forecast. i just hope that we refuel/repair as quick as possible and i get to go on most of the trips that i had planned in these ports. i really hope all the delays are small and all the people who are complaining will not end up costing us more days than necissary.
the program has had set backs like this before though. they had to re-itinerize due to 9/11 and SARS. last semester a kid fell off the boat, and people have become very ill causing the boat to have to do something that wasnt planned. people can always complain, but i just want to get this show on the road, and who really cares if its a bumpy one.
everything else is going just fine. classes are back as if nothing happened yesterday. no one is sure of the date or time because we have gone over the date line both ways now, and its just confusing. ill get this update and pictures up as soon as the internet starts working again, which will hopefully be before we reach either midway or hanalulu but who knows. but for anyone who heard of this on cnn or any other news source, know that all is well, and remember that the news exaggerates for added effect (once again, rumor of news saying things like disaster at sea, or rouge wave hits ship and leaves them in trouble).
ill update again when i hear for sure what will happen. which port we will go to and what the changes in itinerary will be. that is, of course, depending on internet working.

i just got to hawaii and thats why i have internet. my phone is working too, so if you want to call me to say hi or see how i am doing, its 404-309-5102


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