Saturday, January 22, 2005

The wild seas

So I'm on a big boat. Boy am I glad that I listened to everyone about taking sea sickness stuff. I really didnt think that it would be a problem for me, but I really think I would have if i didn't take anything. The boat rocks so much that some people are falling over as they walk, everything falls off of the nightstand at night, and people are scared about being near the railing. Seems as though everyones roommate is in their room right now puking and hasnt left since the middle of last night.
Everyone who I have met so far has been really nice. My roommate and I get along well. His name is Ghram and goes to UVM. I have met many people from Cali and Colorado and Pitt; its funny how its just like Freshman year all over agian - "Hi, whats your name? Where are you from? oh my god, do you know ___?" There are two girls from my highschool on the trip that I didnt know would be on it, but it was fun to see them. Most of the people that I have been hanging out with were the people that I met in Vancouver, but everyone is meeting each other and making the rounds slowly.
The rooms are tiny, the food isnt good, the dean is an old boring lady, and there is really no partying. They have made it much stricter since a guy fell off the ship last year and almost died. They will have "Pub nights" whenever they feel like it and from the looks of the dean lady that wont be often. I think that this is a stupid policy because it can only promote more drinking once arriving in port, oh well. But with 70% girls, and everyone being excited, it really isnt a problem. It will just slow down the introductions a little bit, but we have 2 weeks until Korea, so I'm sure by then everyone will be friends with everyone.
Classes start tomorrow, except for core which started today. Since this boat was not meant to have class rooms, all the classes are in these comfortable little rooms with couches and nice chairs. I dont think they will be too difficult, and past semesters have never complained about school work getting in the way when they were at port. Itll be a lot of fun taking classes and looking out of the window and seeing the pacific, and watching the teacher rock back and forth trying not to fall over from the boat moving.

Well, we all realized how stupid their alcohol policy is. You are allowed to buy tickets from 5-7 and then drink with these max 4 tickets you are allowed to buy from 9-11. There is a 4 story line that I am sitting in the middle of right now. Of course, being smart college students, we have come up with about 50 schemes to figure out how to get more drinks. Oh well.First day of classes today. As I suspected... very easy. But it is nice meeting all of the other kids in the class. Today I had the Global Studies (Core) class, intro international poli sci, and intro acting. I wasnt signed up for intro acting, but i looked at the sylabus and decided that itd be fun to take, plus lots of cute girls in the night was fun. i hung out with some of the kids i already knew, and met a few new ones. there is another one tonight, which means more waiting in lines to buy tickets and then waiting to use those tickets. oh well.oh- had i mentioned how well they treat us? they make out beds, give us new towels, serve us drinking the cafeteria, they serve us drinks during pub night. its nice, but i feel bad for the guys, and i am not the only person who feels this way.

Core was very boring again.. if he didnt repeat him self so much it could be a once a week class instead of a 7 days a week one. last night there were terrible waves which flipped a piano and pushed every chair in the union to one side. my bed was pushed back about 2 feet, and everything that wasnt secured ended up on the floor. so the room is a mess now. i also went to a myth ritual and custom class, and i think i like it more than the primate behavior class (sorry cuz). well see though. not much else going on. its kinda busy cause we have to do drop add in the next 2 days, and sign up for the rest of our field trips by then as well. the profs have also assinged a bunch of homework already. ok, last class of the day.ill update soon


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