Tuesday, January 25, 2005


so today is tuesday the 25th. the weird thing is that tomorrow is thursday the 27th. i feel bad for this girl named kim whos birthday it is on wednesday.

everything has been going well on the ship. classes are all going well, etc. there really isnt much to update seeing as there isnt much to do in such a small enclosed place. people are all slowly getting to know one another, making new friends. ive watched a lot of south park/family guy/movies. everyone is basically just waiting until we get to korea.

yesterday i went on a tour of the bridge, which is where the captain controls the ship. it was very cool up there. i learned that we are running on half speed becuase of the bad weather, and we are still burning 70 tons of fuel a day. i thought that was pretty impressive.

like i said, not much to update.. it will definately pick up once i hit korea though, because i do korea, kobe, shang hai, hong kong back to back, and then just a few days to viet nam and a few more to india. i will have books to fill from there.


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