Saturday, July 09, 2005

been a while

everything has been wonderful so far here in europe. i started off with a week in germany and austria visiting college friends studying abroad and the old exchange students. when i got to prague i started my tefl course right away. all of the other students were great, from the states and GB and 21 to 28 years old. we all got along really well, and i thoroughly enjoyed the course. teaching is a very fun and rewarding thing, and im glad that i decided to do it. i finished the course up last friday, so i am now a certified english teaching, scary huh?
as soon as i finished the pause i went right to spain. i met up with a buddy from college here (in madrid) and 4 of his highschool friends and we all went to pomplona for the running of the bulls. running with the bulls on thursday was one of the most intense things i have ever done. 3,000 people ran the first morning, and it was just insanity. a cannon goes off to let you know the bulls are loose, and then another goes off when they are rounding the first corner. a half mile and barely over 2 minutes later we were in the arena, and they were letting the bulls out one by one to let us practice being amatuer matadores. i knelt down in front of the gate, and the bull jumped over my head. but i survived, and had an amazing time.
tomorrow i go back to prague for three weeks, so ill finally have time to see prague (i didnt have any time during the course) and some of the rest of czech.